A freight forwarder essentially has the ability or resources to store cargo, arrange distribution – or “forwarding” – of shipments, as well as negotiate shipping rates for clients and book cargo with shipping companies, issue bills of lading and all ancillary documentation and sometimes do customs clearance.

On the other hand, clearing agents take care of customs clearance aspects of shipping for companies that are accredited with customs authorities, border agencies and sea or airports. In addition, they arrange to pass relevant documentation at customs, customs inspections, check and process duties and Value-added Tax (VAT) payments as they apply and process refunds. Clearing agents, however, cannot issue their own bills of lading unless they are registered or acting as a freight forwarder.

Full Service Shipping Agents a Must-Have

It is plain from the start that any shipping agent one chooses should, preferably have proficiencies and resources in both fields of the process – clearing and forwarding.

At Assured Freight Services, one can rest assured, so to speak, that these elements of the shipping process are well in hand. And this goes for international as well as local shipping requirements. Assured Freight prides itself in having a wealth of experience and sector exposure that place it in the best possible position to assist with, particularly, complex shipments or little-used destinations.

In decisions about transport modes, unusual cargoes such as animals or botanical specimens, you can be certain, Assured Freight has seen it all. Additionally, cargo size is irrelevant – from single diamonds to large-tonnage freight, Assured Freight pays the same stringent attention to their business – to the ultimate advantage of our clients.