Internationally, there are almost 44 000 airports and almost 5 000 sea ports in the world. So it takes a shipping company of resources and stature to meet the challenges dealt by an industry as diverse as freight shipping. Assured Freight Services is one such company, having identified the variables most important to its clients as well as the obstacles most likely to impede the shipping process, and deployed effective and efficient strategies to counter them.

So, when it comes to international freight services South Africa has little better to offer than the proactive and effective operation of Assured Freight Services.

International Freight Services of Note

Assured freight Services is mindful that South Africa is an active part of the global community and that contemporary business relies on digital data and technology to a large extent in its process. Clients wishing to ship cargo to foreign destinations will want to be assured that their commodities are in good hands when choosing a shipping agent.

They will seek companies who are not only familiar with international procedures, unique destination requirements and the most efficient combination of transportation methods, but one that is on the cutting edge, enabling them to know, at any time, the progress and location of their shipments.

Assured Freight has made a substantial investment in modern technology as well as keeping up to date with modern developments in the shipping industry and the constantly changing legislative and customs requirements necessary to safely and timeously deliver cargo to destinations across the globe.