Freight companies in South Africa are somewhat distanced from the world at large for reasons of purely geographical isolation. So it takes a leading shipping agent to overcome these barriers and function effectively in the execution of international freight and shipping services.

Factors to Factor into Shipment Delivery
In addition to documentary and legislative requirements unique to each international destination, it should also be remembered that various factors impact the performance and profitability of freight companies. Such factors may include; global economic recovery, fluctuations in oil prices and volatile fuel prices, unusual weather patterns, and industrial action either at departure or delivery points.

This trend is particularly visible when trends resulting from organisations who consolidates deliveries to save costs. Another influencing factor is the effect of a dynamic, growing tolling of transport routes. Insofar as rail transport is concerned, many destinations have poor and/or unreliable infrastructure, so performance risk is significantly higher; in addition, rail is not suitable for some cargo.

Worldwide, airport cargo volumes alone account for 100 million metric tonnes. This will provide some idea of the complexities faced by freight and forwarding companies, particularly those operating on an international basis out of a location as remote as South Africa.

However, Assured Freight Services have honed their skills, reducing shipments to and from South Africa to a fine art – providing absolute customer security and satisfaction. On the basis of any type or any size, Assured Freight has got it covered, using an integrated strategy of electronic data interchanges (EDI’s), cargo consolidations of different cargo types from a range of customers in a single shipment and a willingness to rise to any cargo or shipping challenge, no matter how weird or obscure.