International freight services

Shipping freight via air or sea requires the unique expertise of an international freight services company. Coordinating the movement of freight from one country to another takes a lot of effort and may only be accomplished successfully with the aid of dedicated and experienced personnel.
For this reason, international freight services companies must be able to handle a diverse set of functions such as shipping of freight which is subject to several statutes each specific to the country of origin and destination. For example, to get a product to your doorstep you may need a series of services that cannot be accomplished by a single person. The set of services required may include but are not limited to:


• Domestic forwarding and local delivery.
• Cargo insurance.
• Crating and/or packing of shipments.
• Duty Drawback.
• Specialised documentation and permission for hazardous material shipment.
• Customs brokerage and clearance on ocean and air cargo.
• Letters of credit and carnet handling.
• Ocean or air consolidation and forwarding.
• Cargo tracking.


With increased competition amongst international manufactures the timely delivery of cargo has become essential; as many aim to use a company that can guarantee delivery on schedule. Keep in mind that delayed cargo will not only translate into the loss of potential income but may result in additional storage, penalties, and transportation fees.
It is clear that the choice of a reliable and reputable international freight services company is important. Always do your homework to make sure the company is reputable, established and most importantly has satisfied clientele.