International Freight Services South Africa – What are Customs Tariffs?

When it comes to international freight services in South Africa, there are many hidden costs that make up the total cost of delivering your goods for importing. Often, customers are not fully aware of these costs which leaves them with a feeling that they are being overcharged by freight companies, when they really are not.

One of these hidden costs of international freight services in South Africa is customs tariffs which are payable when goods are imported into our country.

There are many different reasons as to why customs tariffs are charged but basically it comes down to tax money that is charged on goods that are imported via international freight services, into South Africa. This tax money is then used to raise state revenue and also serves as a method to protect local industries from more efficient and often cheaper competitors in other countries.

Generally, the customs tariff varies from product to product and can be determined by the value of the goods being imported, the weight or the size dimensions. In some cases, other criteria is used – the size of an automobile’s engine is an example.

Unfortunately for South Africans who are looking to import goods, customs tariffs are not something you can get around without paying. Making use of a reputable international freight services provider will definitely go a long way in easing the process and will save you time in the clearing and forwarding process.