Challenges Faced in Freight Clearing and Forwarding

The freight clearing and forwarding sector in Southern Africa plays an exceptionally important role in keeping the block’s economies running. This sector, as any other, faces its fair share of challenges. However, there are workable solutions to meet the ever-changing trials that this important sector faces.

With sound business strategies and an adaptive attitude, the industry can face any challenge head on and evolve with the changing times and face of the economy to continue profitable operations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the challenges facing the industry at present.



Changing Population Densities and Discretionary Spending Power in the Freight Clearing and Forwarding Sector

By far one of the biggest challenges facing the freight clearing and forwarding is changing population densities, as well as the growth of discretionary spending power in emerging markets. Shipping companies are and governments are investing in port infrastructure to meet these demands, vying for the same market share that freight clearing companies operate in.

With fluctuating and changing population densities, established routes for clearing and forwarding companies are also under pressure. However, with the challenges come opportunity, and with a deft approach to the industry, adapting to the evolving face of the sector, freight forwarding companies can continue to secure their important role in the economy. There will always be a need for freight clearing and forwarding on the continent, and with expertise, efficiency and concentration on excellent customer service, there is no existential threat to this important sector.