Bringing your business one step ahead with EDI

As the well-known adage goes “time waits for no man”, this rings true even when it comes to shipments and freights. Having any of your goods delayed by just a few minutes can put your business out of sync and cause a loss of money. At Assured Freight we are one of the leading Freight Logistics in South Africa. We provide services such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which cuts out the middle man.

The EDI service helps move data between businesses to ensure that your freight is handled efficiently, and with care. By removing the manual intervention, it allows for less errors, and it captures accurate information to allow shipments to arrive timeously. There are the various benefits that are offered through our EDI service.

Using our EDI services has the benefit of cutting down your transaction cost by up to 35%. Speeding up your business transaction in a matter of minutes will be beneficial to your freight instead of waiting for days on end in terms of receiving the required documents from the post, or an email being lost through cyberspace. The last thing you need is not having your order pushed through on time because of illegible hand writing. With our EDI system that is clear and up to date these are avoided.

We have taken the time to analyse how fast and efficient we can help you run your business or ship your goods. Furthermore, with the EDI system this allows us more time in terms of improving production just for you. For timeously delivered goods, that are tracked from any end of the globe you can rest assured with Assured Freight. The leading Freight Logistics South Africa.