Shipping and Freight Jargon Made Easy

Being dependent on the shipping and freighting sector for your business dealings requires that you familiarise yourself with the jargon used in the sector every day. By doing so, you can ensure that your operations run efficiently and effectively.

As one of the leading freight companies in South Africa, we have combined some of the most frequently used shipping and freight jargon in one place, and made it easy by providing simple and clear definitions of each. Here are some of the most popular jargon used in our industry:

Carrier: A firm that offers transportation services, usually operating and owning transportation equipment. Examples include railroad and airline companies, trucking companies and steamship liners;

Freight Bill: This is an important document that provides a binding contract between the carrier and the shipper for the transportation of freight. The document specifies the obligations of both parties, and also acts as a receipt of freight by the carrier;

Loss and Damage: This refers to damage or loss of freight shipments while in a carrier-operated warehouse, or while in transit; and

NVOCC: The Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier is a company or entity that doesn’t own vessels or ships, but provides ocean shipping freight forwarding solutions. They provide negotiated, consolidated services for inland and ocean water carriers.

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