Why choose Assured Freight

Assured Freight has been a part of the freight industry for many years. Over the years we have developed our company and now have 3 branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town that allow us to transport freight in and out of South Africa. We offer various freight services and believe in service excellence with every service we provide.


We have more than 17 years of experience in the freight industry. Our years of experience have allowed us to become one of the most competitive freight companies for forwarding and clearing international freight. The experience of the Assured Freight team, as well as our conveniently located offices allows us to move your freight quickly and efficiently.

Customer care

Since the business opened, we have made customer care the core value of our company. We offer our customers global services and assist them through our various services to assure that their freight is delivered on time and in the best condition. Assured Freight has grown and built relationships with clients and partners throughout our years of freight services.


Two of our main services include freight forwarding and customs clearing. Freight forwarding is the forwarding of goods into the country or anywhere outside of the country. Assured Freight moves goods of any size in and out of South Africa. Customs clearing services provided by Assured Freight takes the hassle of documentation off your hands. We follow the correct procedures to get your freight into or out of the country. Assured Freight also provides a few other services for your convenience such as door to door services. We collect your goods from your door and deliver them to the steps of the receiver, or vice versa.