What is a customs clearing agent?

What is a customs clearing agent?

A customs clearing agent, often referred to as a customs broker, plays a role in the customs clearing process. They provide you with various services to ensure that your goods make it through customs. Read below for more information on customs clearing agents:

 Clearing agent

A customs clearing agent is a broker that facilitates the import and export of goods. The customs broker oversees various tasks that ensure authorised passage of an individual’s packages. These workers must be accredited with local customs authorities and any other authorities that deal with shipments and are required to have a valid clearing licence.

Customs clearing agents work locally, rather than globally like other agents in this industry. They are equipped to handle all documents, fees and rates with regards to local requirements. These agents may be hired as a third party, through most freight importers and exporters have their own customs clearing agent that would work with their clients on every shipment. It is important to note that a customs clearing agent’s services are necessary for every shipment.

What do they do?

They have numerous responsibilities to fulfil when helping a client through the process of customs clearance. They need to submit all the relevant documents to ensure the process runs smoothly. The customs clearing agent is also responsible for making sure the shipments are safety compliant and should have knowledge of duties and taxes so that they are capable of assisting the clients through this process.