The benefits of freight consolidation

Freight consolidation is the act of shipping various shipments in the same container for different customers in the same area. This is a freight shipping choice that has become very popular among retailers that are continuously sending out small shipments. There are many reasons why this has become a popular choice in the shipping industry. Read about the benefits of freight consolidation below:


Freight consolidation is a much cheaper transportation choice as companies will save money on shipping costs. More than one company will use the same container to transport goods which means the cost of shipping will be shared. Companies that do not choose freight consolidation as a method of shipping will have to pay the full cost of the shipping container, even if the space is not filled.

Fast deliveries

Freight consolidation allows for consistency with delivery times. The freight company will be able to deliver goods in a quick and efficient manner. Consolidation plans can be made to improve time management as well. The goods can be sent to freight service providers ahead of time so that deliveries can be distributed as orders come in.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be improved with the use of freight consolidation. The faster delivery times and the consistency of delivery will keep customers coming back for more as they can be sure that they will get their goods within a short period after they have placed their orders.

Risk reduction

The dedicated system used to ship goods through freight consolidation tremendously reduces the risk of losing freight. Companies that send out multiple orders at a time, using different methods of transport have a higher risk of losing their freight due to one of the loads going missing or being damaged. If the goods are transported in less trips, and are transported by experienced shippers, there is less chance of hazards affecting the goods.