Why businesses should consider consolidated shipping

A consolidated shipment is the combination of various shipments from a range of shippers that are placed in the same container. This type of shipping is the ideal method for businesses, especially eCommerce businesses, to continuously transport small amounts of goods from one location to another. Read all about why businesses should consider consolidated shipping below:

Save money

One big reason why businesses should consider consolidated shipping as their primary means of shipping is because it is a great way to save money. When using regular shipping methods, the cost of the container, whether it is filled or not, is at the expense of the business. On the other hand, consolidation shares the cost of the container with other shipments travelling to the same location and your business would only need to spend on the space they are using.

Manage distribution

When using consolidated shipping as your means of transporting goods, it is likely that your business will build a relationship with the logistics provider. This relationship is a key factor when transporting goods as it may grant you access to the entire distribution chain, allowing you to have more control over the distribution and quality control of your goods.

Reduce risk factors

Damaged freight is a risk that is far more common than any business would like it to be. Thankfully, if your business chooses to use consolidated shipping, this risk is reduced tremendously. This is due to the fact that consolidation minimises the need for constant handling of the products due to fewer stops along the way. The shipping system that you choose for consolidated shipping is another factor as their experience will determine their ability to effectively care for your goods.