4 Types of freight that should not be consolidated

Freight Consolidated 

Assured Freight incorporates the highest calibre of solutions relating to logistical service delivery and transportation. As part of our core service offering, we are able to contribute more value to our clients by actively combining diverse goods and objects into the same shipment. 

In this article, we will be identifying the types of freight that should not be consolidated. To begin with, a consolidation will have to adhere to the specific types of regulations pertaining to weight classification, external factors and individual insurance for the goods travelling across regions and areas. 

  • Live animals should not be a consolidated shipment¬†

There are definitive rules against live animals being traded and distributed across regions. Certain animals may not be allowed to be included into one shipment for safety and health reasons for the animals. 

  • Dangerous chemicals and hazardous components 

The consolidation of various categories of substances should be carefully planned and distributed. Aerosols, perfumes, oils and lithium batteries should not be consolidated. 

  • Ground freight shipping should follow specific routes 

When travelling across long distances, it would be important to shippers to have a dedicated space for high-value cargo to avoid any theft or damage to the goods. 

  • Goods to be delivered in a shorter-turnaround time 

In cases of objects that need to be delivered in a frame of a few hours, specifically perishable goods like food and other medical supplies should not be consolidated with other types of objects. 

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