The classification of dangerous goods in South Africa

Dangerous Goods

As an organization that drives innovation through streamlined logistical processes, our transportation of goods is delivered in pristine condition in a timely manner. Assured Freight is equipped to handle any special types of projects that require an in-depth logistical approach.

Each region and location has specific regulations and laws that need to be adhered to when delivering goods across long distances. Assured Freight implements prescribed rules and standards for every client and project.

There are varying types of classifications of dangerous goods that need to be packaged, distributed and delivered according to a multitude of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to the weight distribution of the objects.

Categories and classifications of dangerous goods can include fireworks, flares or explosive substances and articles. Aerosols, camping gasses and other categories of flammable gasses are not permitted to be distributed and moved across regions.

Additional examples of dangerous goods are classified as dangerous and hazardous materials such as aerosols, perfumes and anything that could contain lithium batteries such as laptops or cell phones. It should be noted that if the lithium batteries are packed incorrectly or damaged during transit, the batteries can short-circuit and catch fire by overheating. In addition, oil-based paints and varnishes are also highly flammable substances.

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