4 Factors that may delay shipment

Time is of the essence in the world of shipping. After all, time is money! And if there are any delays in shipment, customer service hangs in the balance. Although uncommon, one of the truly unsatisfying things to occur after placing an order is late delivery, which is due to reasons we’ll explain in this blog.

Factors that may delay shipment


This is one factor that cannot be controlled, though it’s easy to look at weather forecasts for almost a week ahead, the forecast for months and years from now is vague and unpredictable. As frustrating as it may be for customers when weather conditions dictate the pace of delivery, there are some delivery companies can do to ensure timely delivery.

High volume shipments

A sudden or unexpected increase in shipment delivery volumes can overwhelm a delivery company that is not equipped with an adequate software system. This is most common during the holiday season when the shopping extravaganza begins. Not only do shipping companies need to plan for such uncertainties, but they also need to have alternative solutions in place should issues arise.

Inspection and documentation

When you are shipping cargo internationally, you need to present various shipping documents. It is needless to say that you might forget some documents, fill them out wrongly, or authorities might want to further inspect your cargo. A lot can happen at the ports, affecting shipping delays.


In this day and age, finding a city without any traffic is scarce and sometimes impossible. Between construction, accidents, major roadblocks and detours, it is becoming increasingly common that people experience delays during their transit. Though courier drivers can take advantage of route optimization software to pinpoint the fastest route possible and update it in real-time to avoid delay-inducing events.


As a company that specialises in shipments from around the world, we know and understand that shipping delays can be a real headache. With the increasing complexity of the technology field, we assure you that we manage our deliveries better. So why not stay ahead of things and start shipping with Assured Freight? Interested? Contact us.